We’re Hiring!!

Do you have what it takes to be part of the new 2020/2021 board?

We are looking for:
President, Secretary, Treasurer & Events Coordinator

Do you love traveling, meeting people from other countries and learning about other cultures while you organize events and have fun? Do you have a few spare hours per week and do you like organizing all sorts of activities? Then join the board of our international student organization ESN INHolland Diemen and become part of an amazing international experience in which you can grow yourself and your network!

Who are we?

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Inholland Diemen is a student organization for international Inholland students. We are part of the vibrant international network of ESN that has more than 450 sections across Europe. As ESN INHolland Diemen we organize events, trips, activities and offer help with integrating into Amsterdam.

What do we do?

  • Organize the pick-up service and Introduction Days for all exchange/ international students
  • Organize all sorts of cultural, social and sporting activities within Amsterdam and even Europe
  • Integrate international students on a practical and social level
  • Arrange new partnerships and expand the current reach and capability of the Diemen network
  • Follow-up on events and responsibilities given by overarching organizations as ESN The Netherlands/Europe, The Municipality of Amsterdam and Inholland

What are we looking for?    


  • Lead the board and be the chairman of local board meetings
  • Manage board members and make sure goals and targets are met
  • Maintain contact with the national and international level of ESN
  • Attend national and international meetings, workshops and trainings
  • Develop a growth strategy for expanding the network of ESN Diemen
  • And of course, help with the organization and hosting of ESN Diemen events



  • Make minutes during board meetings and write the action list
  • Manage agendas by setting board meetings and planning invites
  • Act as first contact point for potential partners and stakeholders
  • Keep track of all in- outgoing messages and mail correspondence
  • Update board on events, situations, and phenomena within the network
  • And of course, help with the organization and hosting of ESN Diemen events


  • Keep track of all income & expenditure during and outside events
  • Manage purchasing of office supplies, event materials and pay out grants
  • Plan budgets for events and maintain the budget for the total semester
  • Manage the financial account of ESN Diemen at Rabobank
  • Present financial standings to Inholland per semester
  • And of course, help with the organisation and hosting of ESN Diemen events


  • Create and organize events for the new international students of Diemen
  • Create a plan for  upcoming events for the spring and winter semester
  • Design promotional material for the events and activities hosted
  • Update the  website & manage all social media channels
  • Manage the team and volunteers during ESN events

Who are we looking for?

Someone who…..

  • Is a teamplayer
  • Is passionate,  resourceful, perceptive, and driven
  • Is open-minded to working with different cultures
  • Is currently  studying at Inholland Diemen
  • Is flexible and available next to his/her study and fixed responsibilities


What does ESN offer you?

Get to know international students, cooperate with the other sections in the Netherlands and all throughout Europe, gain valuable experience and make lifelong friends.
After a trial period there is a possibility to apply for a monthly grant and potentially study ECTS.
(depending on your study program)


How to apply?

Apply to one of the positions by sending your CV and motivation letter to president@esndiemen.nl
Before the deadline of 9th of May 2020!